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Our Story

OtterWriter began as an internal tool for our team for creativity and automation, designed to save us time and improve our conversions.

Walter the Otter is your guide to inspiration & efficiency.

Walter the Otter is an inspiration to us. We found him on a rainy day when nothing seemed to be working for anyone and he instantly started turning things around. We gave him some TLC and now he’s our star copywriter.

Walter does more than just copywriting. Walter automates our emails and online engagements and makes things so much faster and more efficient. We honestly don’t know how we managed before we had him.

Walter the Otter
to the rescue.

Walter the Otter is on a mission – to assist people that struggle to interact online professionally in English. Writing can be difficult for anyone. Walter is here to open that writers block and assist you to avoid it in the future.

Instead of looking for the right word or double checking your spelling, OtterWriter grants you the security that every word and letter are in place just waiting for you to send them out.